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Shape the Future in Darker Colours
Deepen your palette with new DuPont™ Corian® DeepColour™ Technology
Richer, darker colours allow designers, architects and fabricators to achieve tones they never thought were possible using Corian®. See what they are making, moulding and milling now.

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Creating With DeepColour
Winners of "Shape The Future Of Black" international design competition
The competition was opened to professionals and students (as two separate categories) in the fields of architecture, furnishings, interior design, industrial design, general design, decorative arts, engineering and similar areas
The award ceremony for the winners of the "Shape The Future of Black" international design contest at London Design Festival; left to right: Anna Strupinskaya, winner in the professional category with "Coco_Tub" and Natalia Strekalovskaya, winner in the student category with The "Universal Wall Panel". Discover the winning projects and the honourable mentions here

"A Seamless appearance and in a true deep black colour"
Kevin Hoy, Owner of fabricators Cutting Edge on the Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects
2014 - "The wall panelling in Corian® around the lifts was installed to replace some metal cladding, using instead a material that could provide a seamless appearance – and in a true deep black colour. A matt finish was specified in this case, but the new Deep Nocturne colour also produces a beautiful gloss when polished. It was a great experience to work with the new DeepColour™ Technology, it performs very well. What's more, the architect and client both seemed very happy that this new option was available to them"

"An Overload of Geometric Reflection"
Designer Giles Miller Creates a Grooved Louvres Desk
2013 – The London Design Festival commissioned Giles Miller, a designer who had never worked with DuPont™ Corian®, to make a functional design piece with new Corian® Deep Nocturne. As the first point of contact for Festival visitors at the Victorian & Albert Museum, the desk is made using intricately machined panels designed to use light, to reflect and play on the angled and etched Deep Nocturne surfaces.

"Seamless Depth of Colour in Shaped Surfaces"
DuPont Global Technical Marketing Manager Eddy Verschueren on a Sculptural Wall in Deep Nocturne
2013 – This exhibit showcased the ability to create complex shapes in truer blacks, with simpler finishing, less polishing and a more consistent surface. Used as the DuPont booth at the 100% Design exhibition, part of London Design Festival 2013, this wall of seamless 'pyramids' features the flexibility of the new DeepColour™ Technology.

"Corian® 2.0" - Dynamic and evolutionary interior design
Milan Design Week, 7-13th of April 2014, Opificio 31 via Tortona 31, Milano
A dynamic interior design project featuring innovative materials and technologies, organized and sponsored by DuPont™ Corian® with the art direction by Christian Ghion, developed in collaboration with Créa Diffusion, Gaggenau, Koledo, Moroso, Powermat Technologies, Power Matters Alliance and Rexa Design, featuring as technical partners Blum, FIR Italia, Gielissen, Techlab Italia, Connecting Technology and Villa ProCtrl®. www.corian2-0.com

Working in DeepColour
  • Deeper Cutting
    "We normally work with metals and other very reflective materials. Before we made the final desk, we laid the tiles out on the floor of our studio and saw the effect of the reflection. We were blown away by the ability to make intricate profiles and have them all reflect light."
    Giles Miller
    Giles Miller Studio
  • Consistent Colour
    "Making an integrated vanity and basin in a dark colour relies on a material that can be thermoformed without showing whitening at the radius points. Corian® Deep Nocturne retains depth of colour, enabling designers and fabricators to create curves and shapes in a wider palette."
    Eddy Verschueren
    Global Technical Marketing Manager
    Fabrication, design and photo by Standfest
  • More Polish,
    Less Sanding
    "Cutting Edge used high pressure techniques to thermoform the pressed tiles for the 100% Design stand, maintaining the geometry and without the need for extensive polishing."
    Philip Hutfield
    Technical Design Consultant /Design Consultant at McD Marketing
  • More Durable,
    Less visible scratching
    "By making scratches less visible and reducing impact whitening, DeepColour™ Technology enables a more sophisticated approach and offers new possibilities for forming through its "depth" of colour."
    Christian Ghion
    Ghion Studio
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